Retirement Card

2016 retirement Sally

This is the retirement card I made for Sally.  She is retiring effective June 30th.

Lottery Birthday Card

2016 Lottery Birthday

This is a fun birthday card.  The fairy is on the outside holding a penny to use to scratch the lottery on the inside.  The card opens top to bottom instead of side to side.  The verse is on the inside top.  I think it is a fun idea. (This is a picture of two cards side by side.)

Graduation Card

2016 grad

This is the graduation card we sent to Marty’s nephew in Oklahoma.

April Cards

Kacey and Jackie have birthdays in April.  I guess the common theme was balloons. 🙂


October Cards

Birthday Card Watercolor with embossing

Birthday Card
Watercolor with embossing

A get well card Watercolor and embossing

A get well card
Watercolor and embossing

These are some cards I made in October.

Last August Birthday. . .


I was going to make a bunch of these “chicken” cards.  But Marty says “I don’t get it”.  Huh??? It’s a pun . . .  Oh Well.


Another August Birthday

August card

This is another August Birthday Card.  I took a photo.  It didn’t turn out as well a scan .  It’s going to a friend of Marty’s who lives in Seattle.  I am hoping it is masculine enough for a guy.

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