April Cards

Here are some cards that I have made this month.  Kacey’s birthday card has a little carriage (with a “3” on it) that moves back and forth across the card.

2018 Dog BD

2018 Birthday card

2018 Kacey BD

Kacey’s 3rd Birthday

2018 Jackie BD

Jackie’s 16th Birthday


CARDS. . .

I have made many cards not put on this blog. . . until now.  I will list the cards and when I made them.  I will try to do a better job keeping this blog up to date.

2015 Halloween a

Halloween 2015

2015 Halloween.jpg

2016 BD Jordan

Jordan’s Birthday card — 2016

2016 Gary and Elaine Anniv 1

2016 Anniversary

2018 anniversary

2018 Anniversary


Anniversary 2017

Anniversary july 2017

Anniversary 2017


Halloween 2017

These are the cards I made for Halloween.  The one with the witch was pre-colored.  The one with the Frankenstein  says “Just creepin’ it real”.  (It’s kind of hard to read.)

Clean & Simple

Here is a clean and simple card.


2017 Lindy BD

Other recent cards

The first two pictures are of the card I made for Jackie’s birthday.  It is my first attempt at a “pop up” card.

The second picture is of a card for a recent anniversary.


Jackie 2 2017

The front of the card is “clean and simple”.


Jackie 2017

The inside of the card shows a surprise — 15 candles.


Anniversary 2017

This card can be used for many occasions not just anniversary.


Kacey’s Birthday Card

2017 Kacey bd

This is the card I made for Kacey’s 2nd birthday.

Easter Cards 2017

I can’t believe that it has been almost a year since I have posted anything.  I have been making cards.  It just takes extra time to put them on the blog.  Here are the Easter cards I made this year.Easter 2017 3Easter 2017 2Easter 2017 1


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